Our History

Slammers Inc. was founded in the 1990’s by two journeyman electricians while working on an underground project in Northern Utah. They were stubbing up conduit the usual way – tying the conduits together with tie wire and covering the ends with duct tape.  Realizing they would later, after cement,  have to come back to increase the spacing between the pipes in order to fit the electrical box, they figured there had to be a better way of doing this. After an unsuccessful search for a product that would accomplish this, they decided to make their own.

Slammers Inc. Quick Caps and Spacers are now being used by thousands of electricians globally.  The Quick Cap and Spacer system installs quickly, maintains the proper spacing for the 4 square box, and keeps construction debris and moisture out of the conduit during construction. They have also added another huge time-saving item –  the 4 square box clamp.  The 4 square box clamp is a must-have for any electrician running conduit in a block wall. The 4 square box clamp installs in seconds without the use of tools and holds the box flush and securely in spite of the abuse it sees from the block layer. The Slammers products work so well because they were designed and built by Electricians for Electricians.


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Bret Adamson: The Slammers product line allows the electrician to work smarter, and not harder.

Devin Thomas: We realize that an investment in our company is not just an investment in our product; it’s an investment in us.

Bret Adamson: There is nobody else that can have as much passion, as much drive, and as much determination to get this product out there. We believe in this product. We made it. We made it because we needed it.

Devin Thomas: This isn’t something that was developed in an office through an engineer or something that thought “that might be a good idea.” This was the guys out there in the trenches, said “You know what? This duct tape and tie wire’s not working. We gotta have something different. So we decided we’ll be those guys and we’ll do that.

25 Year Electrical Contractor: One of the biggest problems we have is trying to keep things squared away, spacing right and straight, not get your conduit full of concrete, gravel, water, whatever.

Bret Adamson: Slammers products – the Quick-Cap and Spacer – will hold that pipe in place, and keep the cap on top of it, keep it safe, through an operation that outlast the rigors of construction.

25 Year Electrical Contractor: I don’t know of another product on the market that does what this does.

Devin Thomas: Our product does what’s best. Not just what’s always been done.

Devin Thomas

Devin Thomas


Devin received his education through the IBEW electrical program at Salt Lake Community College, testing out as a Journeyman Electrician over 25 years ago. He has worked for multiple electrical contractors doing residential, commercial, and industrial jobs in Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming. He is also trained in telecommunications and fiber optics installation. Currently, Devin works as a Journeyman Hydro Electrician over several hydro plants throughout Utah. He lives in a mountain valley in Northern Utah with his wife, daughter, and son and enjoys spending time in the beautiful mountains of Utah. Devin’s hobbies include motorcycle riding, snowmobiling, and taking his Jeep into the hills. When he finds the time Devin enjoys long road trips and traveling with his family. 
Bret Adamson

Bret Adamson


Bret is a graduate of the Salt Lake Community College IBEW electrical program and began working as an apprentice electrician in 1991. Since then he has worked in the industrial, commercial, and residential industries. Bret has a small electrical contracting business and has worked in the printing business over the last 25 years currently as the Maintenance Supervisor and a Master Electrician. He’s certified to work in telecommunications including fiber optics as well. Bret enjoys the outdoors, hunting, motorcycling, skiing, football, and spending time with the family – he’s married and has a daughter and son in law, and will soon be a grandpa.