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When two journeyman electricians realized they were wasting time trying to maintain proper conduit spacing, they created a solution. Slammers Inc. products are now being used by thousands of electricians around the globe.

How it works

action shot of conduit with Slammersr spacers and support bar

The spacers hold the pipes apart and keep them steady while pouring concrete.

action shot of slammers caps

The Quick-Cap fits snug over the top and keeps out debris.

action shot of slammers caps and spacers

Ready for concrete. Quick-Caps and Spacers are strong and durable to withstand the rigors of normal construction.

action shot of 4-square box

Remove the Cap and install the 4-Square box.

Conduit Spacers

The conduit spacers are perfect for maintaining the proper spacing between conduits in order to later accept the 4 square boxes knock out spacing.  The Slammers products are made from a durable ABS plastic that will outlast the harsh elements your conduits will be exposed to during construction. Choose from the basic spacer or the spacer with the extra hole which is designed for a 3/8″ rebar stake to better support your conduits.
1/2" rigid conduit spacer - black
1" rigid conduit spacer with support - blue
conduit caps - blue
conduit cap - blue

Conduit Caps

The conduit caps are made with a tapered fit, the harder you push it on the tighter it seals.  The rigid caps are designed to fit your conduit with or without threads. The caps are also designed with the spacing for the 4 square box in mind. You won’t have the issue of the elements destroying your conduit coverings as you do with duct tape. You no longer have to be concerned about anything unwanted entering your conduit run.

Conduit Clips & Clamps

The Slammers conduit clips are made to support your 1&1/2″ and 2″ conduits. They have a hole for a 3/8″ rebar stake, so you can secure your conduit plumb and in place.

​The 4 square box clamp is designed to secure and support the 4 square box in a block wall during construction.  The nylon bolt and wingnut are designed for a quick installation without the use of tools and also allows you the ability to easily choose the amount of tension you need.  Once the wall is complete and the support is no longer needed, simply remove the clamp and reuse it on your next job.

rigid clip - black
4 square box clamp

Products designed to save electricians time and money

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Bret Adamson: The Slammers product line allows the electrician to work smarter, and not harder.

Devin Thomas: We realize that an investment in our company is not just an investment in our product; it’s an investment in us.

Bret Adamson: There is nobody else that can have as much passion, as much drive, and as much determination to get this product out there. We believe in this product. We made it. We made it because we needed it.

Devin Thomas: This isn’t something that was developed in an office through an engineer or something that thought “that might be a good idea.” This was the guys out there in the trenches, said “You know what? This duct tape and tie wire’s not working. We gotta have something different. So we decided we’ll be those guys and we’ll do that.

25 Year Electrical Contractor: One of the biggest problems we have is trying to keep things squared away, spacing right and straight, not get your conduit full of concrete, gravel, water, whatever.

Bret Adamson: Slammers products – the Quick-Cap and Spacer – will hold that pipe in place, and keep the cap on top of it, keep it safe, through an operation that outlast the rigors of construction.

25 Year Electrical Contractor: I don’t know of another product on the market that does what this does.

Devin Thomas: Our product does what’s best. Not just what’s always been done.

free shipping within 48 contiguous United States


“After using the Slammer products, I’ll never go back to the old ways. Good, functional product.”

– Adam H.


“My guys said if you don’t have the Slammers parts on the job we aren’t coming in to work.”

– Mike P.